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New ! GTG FM 4. A new FM synth with a different structure. 3 operators with 2 mixable paths each. Lots of cool sounds can be made with this one. And yet very easy to use.


Sound demo

Soft sound demo








Work in progress.

3 very simple and easy to use plugins with a different layout and some nice new features. An electric piano, a phase distortion synth and a drumbox.


Coming soon







New ! GTG 44 S.

Old skool analog six voice with a very fat sound. I made it mostly for personal use, but maybe someone likes it too. Please refer to the readme file.


8.2.2008 MIDI CC fix








New ! GTG DPC 3. DrumSampler. Pads playable by mouse.Individual reverb send. Auto-mute group. Visual response.Logical layout. Read important note here!


Read about 2008.3.3.update


Download version without animated pads here.







New ! GTG DS 7 : Drumsynth. Alternative to FreeDrum. This one has a much improved sound, more punch and depht.

Multiple outputs and test button for each sound.









New ! GTG MicroOrgan MK III : Percussion decay and A/B switch. Improved key click with key-off function. Vibrato in 3 drawbar regions.


29.02.2008 GUI update.








Keyboards : 4 and 6 octave midi - keyboards for visual feedback on note input. Sustain/Hold indicator.

GUI - update 8.7.2007 !


Download 4 octave


Download 6 octave







GTG Unit 1 : Unison oscillator. Stack up to 8 oscillators and detune these for really fat basses and leads. LFO with key track. Ring Modulator ( Controlled by mod wheel ).



05.05.2007 Update:

Minor GUI-fix,cpu-enhancement.








NK 1001 : By request of users an old skool monophonic synth. Dual oscillator. S&H. PW Mod. Switchable AMP-mode (ADSR/GATE). MIDI Imp. chart enclosed in the ZIP.









GTG Sputnik 2000 : Retro effects synth based on three Phase Modulation oscillators and 1 analog oscillator. LFO,Chorus and reverb. 97 presets: Bass,percussion,pads and fx.


 12.05.2007 Update:
LFO  easier on cpu.








GTG JP 7A : A six voice analog synth with a 24 dB filter, pitch envelope, osc sync, mono mode, MIDI automation. Pitch bender with 3 fixed ranges.


New version with a working keyboard:








GTG kwop 7 : By request of users an analog synth with a look that reminds of old hardware synths. Very warm and fat sound.


Update 20.08.06 
Fixed PW LFO/Env switch.








GTG Soundfont Synth 3.1 : Loads and plays raw samples in a soundfont file. Filter and amp envelopes. Stereo chorus.









GTG K 1 : Polysynth with two oscillators, two LFO`s (one sync`ed to host tempo), a stereo chorus and a stereo delay. 8 voice polyphonic. Get rack version (no keyboard) here.


8.3.2008 update: New GUI . CPU-decrease . New presets .
Sound demo.








GTG FreeDrum : User-programmable drumsynth. Create your own sounds using the various parameters. LED indication for each key-stroke.









GTG DrumSampler I : Multiple outputs. Visual feedback on each drum. Comes with one set of samples to start with. Requires a "multiple output" option in your host.









GTG DrumSampler II : Individual volume,pan and reverb settings. Visual feedback on each drum. Programmable reverb unit. Comes with one set of samples.









GTG 13 : 8 voice analog synth. Four filter modes, pitch envelope, 3 LFO`s, stereo chorus. Dual pwm modulation.









GTG WS 1 : An unusual synth with a waveshaper a sub-oscillator and a percussion-oscillator.Use the percussion-osc to add crunch, breath or finger-picks to the sound.


Update 21.3.06.
Faster VU-meter.
Pitch-EG Polarity.








GTG Zapkit : Drumsynth a la Kraftwerk with multiple outputs. Pitch, decay and mod controls of individual drums.

For those who want  stereo output only, here is a version with individual pan.